Latest News about Nintendo’s Next-Gen Console

With the latest success of Tears of the Kingdom, we may yet to be able to see some official news about the upcoming Nintendo Next-Gen console soon.

Rumor has it that Nintendo will be releasing a Next-Gen console next fall. With the latest success of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, we may yet to be able to see some official news about the next upcoming console from Nintendo soon.

Nintendo Next-Gen Console Latest News Highlights (Updated 29 May)

  • Recent rumors suggest that the Nintendo Switch 2 may not be backwards compatible. 
  • The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom could be the sign that players need a hardware upgrade from Nintendo.

Potential Release Date

Guys, remember that everything is just a speculation at this point, so take this information with a grain of salt. Given that the rumors of Nintendo and PS’ next-gen console are popping up at around the same time, we are guessing the Nintendo’s next-gen console will be released along with PS5 Pro.

As for the potential release date, during the company’s annual financial report president Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed there are no plans to release any hardware during the next fiscal year. This means we should not expect the Switch 2 until sometime after March 2024. 

Nintendo Switch 2 Price

Pricing-wise, since the Nintendo OLED is sold at $349 / £309 / AU$539, so we can guess that the standard edition of the Switch 2 will be around that price, especially if it continues the use of an OLED display.

Specs & Features

Here comes the fun part: What specs will the Nintendo Switch 2 have? Well, considering the success of Nvidia recently, we won’t be surprised if the newest console will have a new chip or even a custom one. Will Nintendo look for alternatives? From our point of view, it’s not likely but AMD has made advancements lately, especially with the Steam Deck. So it is hard to say at this point.

It would be difficult to guess at potential power or clock speeds, but there were rumors about a potential co-processor chip to live in the dock of a Switch 2. We are keeping our hopes up that Nintendo will deliver enough CPU and GPU power to deliver a next-gen gaming experience. This is because playing AAA games on-the-go is seemingly the market many gaming giants (e.g. Sony’s Project Q) are looking into at the moment.

Physical Appearance

We wish we knew, but we have no idea right now. Nintendo is tight-lipped about this information, so we will have to wait and see how the final product will look like.

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