Master multiple games with these time-saving strategies

There’s multiple games lined up in June, but so little time to play it. Good news, we have made a gaming timetable for you to play all the new games this June!

There are multiple games lined up in June, but so little time to play it. What should you do? Good news, we have curated a gaming timetable for you to play all the new games this June!

June 2023 Game Release Overview Calendar

First things first, let’s take a look at the upcoming games in June 2023:

  • Diablo IV (June 1)
  • Street Fighter 6 (June 2)
  • FF16 (June 22)

So how to fit all those games into your schedule? Read on to find your suitable gaming timetable

For full-time working adults:

You can sneak in some time to play Diablo IV before going to work if you wake up early enough. What is sleep anyway? When you get back from work, you can hit up a few rounds of Street Fighter 6 before switching to Final Fantasy XVI.

For students:

Remember to study first! Studying is important. Reward yourself and look at some nice scenery in Final Fantasy XVI. After a long study session, you can play Street Fighter 6 to loosen up or play Diablo IV

For streamers or gamers:

You can do whatever you want, man. Be sure to take breaks in between gaming sessions. Since Diablo IV and Street Fighter 6 are available in early June, make some progress with those 2 first before moving on to Final Fantasy XVI.

*Note: This is only for reference purposes.

Guides to help you play the game better

Now that we’ve helped you with planning your gaming time, we can get into how to be a pro in those games. 

Street Fighter 6

We have Street Fighter 6 character guide and moves to get you started. Get in the ring and fight! You can now get the game for PlayStation, Xbox and Steam from OffGamers with our Gift Cards. Check out our offer.

Diablo IV

For Diablo IV players, be sure to check out the Legendary Items for your class. If you need a boost for the game or looking to purchase the game, come check out our exclusive gift card bundle.

Final Fantasy XVI

We have also prepared tips for you on How to Train… I mean how to control your Eikons in FF16. For long-time Final Fantasy fans, you won’t want to miss out this game. Good news is we have PlayStation Gift Card exclusive bundle offer for you so you can buy the game with a lower price. Only on OffGamers!

So which game will you be playing first? Not to worry, you can get all these games from OffGamers by buying Gift Cards for Steam, PlayStation and Xbox. Getting these games is a great way to pamper yourself. No harm in indulging every once in a while.

Time is precious, as we’ve mentioned, so get your deals now!

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