PlayStation Big Games Big Deals | Save up to 80%

PlayStation Big Games Big Deals

PlayStation Big Games Big Deals | PlayStation 游戏大作优惠

Are you ready for some big savings on your favorite PlayStation games? Look no further than the PlayStation Big Games Big Deals sale, offering discounts of up to 80% on select games. Make sure to get PlayStation™Store Gift Cards on OffGamers to enjoy bigger deals!
准备好在你最喜欢的PlayStation游戏上节省更多吗?立马查看PlayStation游戏大作优惠,并享受高达2折优惠!记得也要到OffGamers获取PlayStation™Store Gift Cards以享有更多优惠!

List of Games on Sale | 部分促销游戏

Until May 24th, gamers can take advantage of this incredible sale and add some new titles to their collection without breaking the bank. With a variety of genres and titles available, there’s something for every gamer to enjoy. Don’t miss out on this chance to save big on PlayStation games!
直到5 月 24 日,游戏玩家可以充分利用这一难得的促销机会,在不损伤钱包的前提下添加更多新游戏。有各种不同的类型和标题可供选择,保证每个游戏玩家都能找到自己喜欢的游戏。赶快查看且不要错过这个在PlayStation游戏上大力省钱的机会!

What about FIFA 23? 来看看《FIFA 23》如何?

Not sure what to buy? Take a look at FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 comes to life with the inclusion of both men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup tournaments, women’s club teams, and exciting new ways to play. Experience FUT Moments and revamped Chemistry in Ultimate Team, build your dream squad, and define your personality as a player or manager in Career Mode. With new levels of customization and enhanced gameplay in VOLTA FOOTBALL and Pro Clubs, as well as over 19,000 players, 700+ teams, 100+ stadiums, and 30+ leagues, including the UEFA Champions League and Premier League, FIFA 23 offers unrivaled authenticity and excitement.

不确定要买什么吗?来看看《FIFA 23》吧!

《FIFA 23》将全球的足球精神带到了比赛场上,包括男子和女子的FIFA世界杯锦标赛、女子俱乐部队伍的加入以及新的游戏方式。在《FIFA 23》中,您现在可以玩男子FIFA世界杯,女子FIFA世界杯将在发布后作为更新推出。同时,这也是首次可以玩女子俱乐部队伍,并且享受跨平台游戏功能,更容易与朋友对战。在FIFA Ultimate Team中,通过全新的FUT Moments和翻新后的化学体系,玩家可以以全新的方式打造自己的梦想阵容。在职业模式中,您可以定义自己作为球员的个性,或扮演一些最著名的足球名字,实现您的足球梦想。在VOLTA FOOTBALL和Pro Clubs中,玩家可以通过全新的自定义水平和增强的街头和体育场游戏玩法,在比赛中展现更多个性。无论您如何玩,《FIFA 23》为您提供超过19,000名球员、700多支球队、100多个体育场以及30多个联赛(包括欧洲冠军联赛、英超、新的巴克莱女足超级联赛和法国D1 Arkema),以及无与伦比的真实感。

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