PlayStation Planet of the Discounts | Save up to 75%

PlayStation Planet of the Discounts | Save up to 75%

PlayStation Planet of the Discounts | 游戏购物节

PlayStation gang, it’s time to save, and save big. How big? It’s up to 75% off on selected titles! The PlayStation Planet of the Discounts sale is kicking off until the 7th of June! We’ll even throw in extra savings if you get your PlayStation™ Store Gift Cards on OffGamers!

PlayStation的玩家们,是时候开始节省了,而且是大幅度的节省。有多大幅度?选定的游戏折扣高达75%!PlayStation游戏购物节已开启并持续到6月7日!如果你在OffGamers购买PlayStation™ Store礼品卡,我们还会额外为你提供更多的优惠!

List of Games on Sale | 部分促销游戏:

For the full list of games on sale, check here.

So many games, so little time to get them. What are you waiting for? Get your PlayStation™ Store Gift Cards today! 那么多游戏却那么少时间。还在等什么? 赶紧获取您的 PlayStation™ Store 礼品卡 并开始游玩吧!

Grand Theft Auto V

Not sure what to buy? Take a look at Grand Theft Auto V.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) offers both the digital PS4™ and PS5™ versions, including GTA Online. Join three unlikely criminals as they navigate the treacherous criminal underworld, government conspiracies, and the entertainment industry, pulling off daring heists in an unforgiving city where trust is scarce.

GTA V’s single-player campaign is undeniably brilliant. The story may take some time to complete, but it’s a must-play experience. Driving is much easier than in GTA IV, making it accessible to anyone. The shooting mechanics are greatly improved, resulting in high-quality gameplay. If you want a break from the main story, there are side quests known as “Strangers and Freaks” that offer additional content and diversions. Although the game may slow down at times, these side quests provide entertaining distractions.

While GTA Online provides an ever-evolving multiplayer experience for up to 30 players, allowing you to rise from a small-time hustler to the mastermind of your criminal empire. In addition to the main missions and heists, GTA Online provides a variety of activities and competitions, including racing, flying challenges, diving, and shooting competitions. These activities offer different gameplay experiences and challenges, ensuring endless entertainment in the game. GTA Online is also an ever-evolving online world, with Rockstar Games regularly releasing updates and new content. This means you can continuously experience new missions, vehicles, clothing, weapons, and other gameplay elements, keeping the game fresh and enjoyable.


《侠盗猎车手V》(GTA V)提供了数字版的PS4™和PS5™版本,包括《侠盗猎车手在线》(GTA Online)。加入三个不太可能的罪犯,他们在危险的犯罪黑社会、政府阴谋和娱乐产业中穿梭,执行大胆的抢劫行动,生存于一个毫不留情的城市中,其中谁也不能信任。

《GTA V》的单人游戏剧情无疑精彩非凡。虽然完成整个故事可能需要一些时间,但这是一次必玩的体验。驾驶操作比《GTA IV》简单得多,适合任何人上手。射击机制得到极大改进,游戏体验高质量。如果你想暂时离开主线剧情,游戏还提供了称为“陌生人和怪人”的支线任务,提供额外的内容和娱乐。虽然游戏有时会变慢,但这些支线任务提供了有趣的消遣。

GTA Online为多达30名玩家提供不断发展的多人在线体验,让你从一个小角色逐渐崛起,成为犯罪帝国的主宰。除了主线任务和抢劫,GTA Online还提供了许多其他的活动和竞争,如赛车、飞行挑战、潜水、射击竞赛等。这些活动提供了不同的游戏体验和挑战,让你在游戏中尽情娱乐。GTA Online也是一个不断发展的在线世界,Rockstar Games会定期推出更新和新内容。这意味着你可以持续体验新的任务、车辆、服装、武器和其他游戏元素,保持游戏的新鲜感和可玩性。总之,GTA Online为玩家提供了一个多人互动、持续更新、赚取财富、自定义角色和多样活动的在线世界,为《侠盗猎车手V》带来了更多的乐趣和长久的游戏体验。

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