Start the Pre-Ordering for New Games You Can’t Miss in 2023

Start the Pre-Ordering for New Games You Can't Miss in 2023

As a gamer, the worst thing is to not have any good games to play. Why not take a look at the upcoming new games and see if your favorite is among them? Pre-order now and get more game content and items. Let’s check them out together!

GameRelease Date
Street Fighter 6June 2
Park BeyondJune 15
Ride 5Aug 23
Victoria 3: Voice of the People Immersion Pack (DLC)May 21
LEGO 2K DriveMay 18
Warhammer 40,000: BoltgunMay 22
Atlas FallenAug 9
ExoprimaJul 13
Armored Core VI Fires of RubiconAug 24
Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg Jul 12

Street Fighter 6, as the latest installment in the series, introduces new game modes such as World Tour, Fighting Ground, and Battle Hub, allowing you to compete against top players from around the world without leaving your home. 

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, as a mecha game, is also beloved by many boys. Players can engage in free-roaming battles in expansive arenas and customize their mechs to adapt to various combat situations and environments.

 After experiencing the intensity of these two thrilling games, why not relax and have some fun? Enter the world of LEGO 2K Drive, assemble your dream race car, and embark on an enjoyable racing journey with friends from around the world!

If you like these games, hurry up and pre-order them through OffGamers!

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