Street Fighter 6 Character Moveset

After almost 7 years of long wait, we finally get to see the release of Street Fighter 6, Jamie, Luke and Chun-Li.

After almost 7 years of long wait, we finally get to see the release of Street Fighter 6. The game will be released on Jun 2, 2023 on Steam, PS and Xbox. Street Fighter 6 will see a mix of new and returning fighters. Here are some of our favourite characters and their iconic moveset:

Street Fighter 6 – Chun-Li


Chun-Li doesn’t really need an introduction, as she is surely one of the most iconic fighting game characters of all time. She’s back for Street Fighter 6, with a new look and her signature massive kicking abilities. 

Speaking of kicking abilities, Chun-Li’s Hundred Lightning Kicks (Quarter Circle Forward + Kick) makes a return. As the name suggests, the move allows her to quickly kick her opponent in a series of kicks. Different kick inputs changes the strength, length, and safety of this attack, and it can be cancelled into an EX follow-up — Lightning Kick Barrage — on hit with an additional input of two kicks. A great combo ender.


Street Fighter 6 – Ryu

Ryu, yet another iconic character from the Street Fighter series. Street Fighter won’t be complete without him. Fun fact: Ryu hates spiders and likes martial arts.

Ryu’s Shoryuken (Z Motion + Punch / Forward, Down, Forward + Punch) a powerful offensive move. Many of you are already familiar with this uppercut move as it doesn’t have much change from previous iterations. You can throw this out to deal some heavy damage, but be warned, if it misses or gets blocked, you’re wide open for incoming attacks.


Street Fighter 6 – Luke

Luke is one of the newer faces to the Street Fighter series. He was the last fighter to be introduced in Street Fighter 5, but it’s good to see him back in the sequel because he’s got some kickass moves.

Luke’s Aerial Flash Knuckle (Quarter Circle Back + Punch. Requires neutral or forward jump) is a fun new addition to Luke’s kit. With the Aerial Flash Knuckle, Luke can cast gravity to the wind and send an mid-air uppercut out. This is a great air-to-air attack, and is awesome if you’re trying to proactively stop offensive jump-ins, or just trying to get out of the corner.

Street Fighter 6 – Jamie


Introducing the new fighter of Street Fighter 6 – Jamie. He’s got awesome abs and those kung-fu master’s long hair, you just know he’s going to be dominating the ring.

One of Jamie’s rekka special moves is Freeflow Strikes (Quarter Circle Forward + punch. Can be repeated twice more with Forward + Punch) meaning it can be extended with additional inputs. This is a string of punches that pushes Jamie forward and can make for a great combo ender. Not only that, but if you have four drink charges, it gains extra properties. 

Now that you’ve seen some of the characters and their kickass moves, doesn’t it make you want to get in the game and throw some punches around? You can get the game on Steam, PS or Xbox. 

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