“Tarisland”The first test is about to start? More real prizes

Tarisland"The first test is about to start? More real prizes

OffGamers mobile game sneak peek

Tarisland“, which is called Tencent’s version of World of Warcraft by many players, recently released the latest development blue post video, which mainly shows and introduces the game’s UI interface designed for dual-end.

“Tarisland” is a dual-end game. In order to adapt to the operating habits of the PC end, the development team has restructured the UI and UE of the PC end as a whole. It can be seen that in the PC version currently under development, all functional interfaces are not displayed in full screen. As shown in the video, the UI design iterations such as character backpacks and important functional interfaces have been completed. The main interface and menu interface of the PC terminal will be more in line with The operating habits of the PC large screen interface.

The interface of the mobile terminal is also being continuously optimized to make it more concise, beautiful and comfortable. In addition to the refactoring and adjustment of the UI and UE, the development team is also working on optimizing the player’s movement, jumping, clicking, camera, etc. on both terminals.

There are five major manufacturing sub-jobs in the game, forging, tailoring, jewelry, and craftsman alchemy. In the sub-job of craftsman, the development team has designed many very interesting products. They are everyone’s favorite and beneficial props in the world exploration gameplay. (In addition, the official also broke a shocking news! There will be a fishing system in the game)

Let’s look forward to the public beta date

“The Last Primitive” Let’s break into the primitive together, and the adventure will not stop! Open beta for all platforms!

Traveling through prehistory, the passage has been opened! The super crazy MMO card mobile game “The Last Primitive” is officially released! “The Last Primitive” has prepared a variety of time-limited events with rich rewards to help the warriors grow up faster! Let’s go, let’s take a look now~ Come and feel the friendliness of the original era! (There is also a gift package code at the end of the article!)

“The Legend of Mortal Cultivation of Immortals: The Human Realm” will be tested on May 24! Come to OffGamers to check the reservation details, and draw Wanmo Wireless Headphones and 100-yuan JD Card in the game!

There are thousands of ways, and all can become immortals! Genuine IP authorized 3D Immortal Cultivation MMO mobile game “The Legend of Mortal Cultivation: The Human World” welcomes like-minded friends to go on the journey of cultivating immortals together! You and I are all mortals, born in the world, but after all, ordinary is not mediocre! On May 24th, the gate of cultivating immortals will open on time, let us break through the thorns together with Han Li, break out of the cocoon and become immortals!

“Battle of the Golden Shovel” Perfume Journey | “Perfume Gem Little Janna” is here!

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