Visual feast of exquisite skins from Honor of Kings

Visual feast of exquisite skins from Honor of Kings

Visual feast of exquisite skins from Honor of Kings

Have you obtained skins for your heroes? Not only do they bring great visual effects, but also provide slight advantages in the early stages of battles. How many of these exquisite skins do you have?


In the game “Arena of Valor,” Sun Ce has a skin called “MECHA APOCALIPTICO.” This skin transforms Sun Ce into a mechanized warrior wearing black metal armor and wielding a sword that can transform. The skin features unique visual designs, skill effects, and voice lines. Players need to purchase this skin through in-game recharge to acquire it.


In the initial stages of the concept development for the skin’s world-building, a space-fantasy style was chosen as the direction, and then design elements were derived from it. After several attempts, crystal elements were chosen as the basis for the design, with a repeated three-star pattern to enhance the overall effect, presenting an elegant and noble image of a divine messenger awakening in a new world, guiding people with flawless crystals and leading them with the power of the stars.

In clothing design, many circular structures with a future-retro style were used to suggest the shape of star orbits. The use of pearl, metal, and crystal textures enhanced the richness of the clothing style.


All inspiration begins with the beauty of “the golden peacock, resplendent like a rainbow”. Peacocks, who love their feathers, have brilliantly colored plumes. Their habitat is in a land of gentle southern winds, where their pure white feathers are natural purity and their dazzling blue feathers are a serene beauty from within. All inspiration begins with the stroke of the pen for “gazing sadly towards the south”. She longs for a place to freely preen her feathers, spread her wings, and dance, so this wandering traveler will eventually return to the beloved land. Therefore, she walks like the wind, and hence looks around with affection. The shadow of the peacock will also eventually fly towards the southern clouds.


Monkey King has always been an assassin hero that players like very much. The critical damage is very high. Hellfire is the legendary skin of Monkey King. 

Players also love it very much. The shape of Nirvana in the fire and the special effects of the echo of hell, each of which confirms Monkey King himself It’s not easy, this skin is very domineering, many skin heroes have been supported by Sun Wukong and have had crying dreams translated into English

Come and take a look quickly! There are more exquisite skins waiting for you to obtain.

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