Media Molecule Shows You How To Play The Mesmerizing Dreams

During E3 earlier this year, Media Molecule, the developer behind the massively successful LittleBigPlanet series, came on stage to introduce the latest game they were working on. Dreams, when first shown looks to be an interesting concept, but people still didn’t understand how the game will be played. At Paris Games Week, Media Molecule gave gamers a better look into Dreams and how it will be played.

Shown a live demo on stage at the Sony Paris Games Week presentation, Dreams looks to take user-created-content to another with its ability to create and customize elements from the game, ranging from environments (placing trees, creating doorways, etc.) to taking control of different characters.

Smack dab in the middle of all this creation is an “Imp” creature that players will get to control and fully customize when they play Dreams. Serving as an avatar for the players, the Imp will be able to manipulate objects in the game and even possess others characters, allowing players to control them.

Dreams Paris Games Week

The demo that Media Molecule showcased shows how easy it is to create and edit the world while still keeping a sense linearity and progression. As it is right now, it looks to be similar to the ill-fated Project Spark by Microsoft. However, given the pedigree of Media Molecule, it’ll be interesting to see how they intend to create a game that fans will continue to create content for. One thing’s for sure, the game will definitely be something that Twitch/YouTube game streamers will get on, due to Dreams freedom for creation that’s similar to Minecraft.

One piece of key information that Media Molecule did drop out was the schedule for the beta testing. Players that are interested in the game can look forward to beta coming to Playstation 4, sometime in 2016. Hopefully when we get our hands our the game, we’ll have a clearer sense of the vision that Media Molecule has for Dreams.

Source: Here’s how LittleBigPlanet creator Media Molecule’s next game, Dreams, will actually play.

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