Medieval RTS Ancestors Legacy: Vikings Now On iOS via GameClub



Ancestors Legacy: Vikings is the latest historical RTS game on the iOS via GameClub. Originally released on Steam and PS4, the game has recently been ported to iOS. Check out the original trailer below:



Ancestors Legacy: Vikings is set in medieval Europe. The story revolves around the conflicts between different nations of the era. The basic concept of the game is to create a powerful strategy and use different tactics to win the wars in order to resolve the conflicts.

The game contains two campaign modes where the player needs to spend time building an army. To be specific, the player has to create a strategy, collect necessary resources and prepare the army to fight. To successfully win the war, deploy your troops judiciously and keep up the morale of your warriors as the conflicts continue.

Ancestors Legacy: Vikings is available now on App Store through GameClub, a subscription service. Give it a try now with our iTunes gift cards below:

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