Meet The Baddies of Resident Evil Village.

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Resident Evil Village is the eighth installment in the Resident Evil franchise released on 6th May 2021 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC respectively. We’d suggest you get the deluxe edition on Steam with this Resident Evil Village Steam Key to get the full experience! 

With this new release comes the continued story of Ethan Winters from where we last saw him at the end of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard –  his wife dead and daughter kidnapped. 

A new story and new setting warrants some new evil to defeat, and it seems like Ethan Winters has a lot to work with this time in a dodgy European village up in the snowy mountains. Littered with buildings and characters straight out of the Victorian era, players are in for a wild treat. 

Do note that there might be minor spoilers in this article, don’t say we didn’t warn you! Now, let’s meet the baddies of the village, shall we?


Meet The Baddies

Lady Dimitrescu and Her Daughters

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One of the first villains revealed to us early on, everyone’s favorite vampire tall lady – Lady Dimitrescu and her three daughters are a pack of bloodthirsty female vampires. They can be found in a castle on the northern part of the map. As a viral internet sensation, we all know that Lady Dimitrescu is the 9-foot tall vampire leader that holds a position as one of Mother Miranda’s lords in the village.

Her three daughters – Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela are the ones that Ethan Winters have to go through first. Bela is the eldest, quietest and smartest one, Cassandra is a bloodthirsty sadist, and Daniela is the youngest and most psychotic one among the three.

As a countess and head of the castle, Lady Dimitrescu also known as Alina Dimitrescu is a strong and confident vampire lady that shows care for her daughters. She and her daughters will be stalking Ethan as he wanders around the castle, just like a hunter with its prey. You’ll either be running or get your blood sucked out of you, so choose wisely.


Karl Heisenberg and Heisenberg’s Factory

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If you’ve spotted a man with a giant iron hammer and a cigarette, you’ve probably spotted Karl Heisenberg. This psychotic engineer loves games and playing around with his prey, and if he has it his way, he’d probably torture you to death rather than kill you outright.

Spotting his hat from a mile away, he may be dressed like an old-fashioned bounty hunter but his factory is equipped with modern-day, state-of-the-art equipment made for torture. His factory is located on the Northeastern part of the map. Ethan will make his way here later on in the game, but Heisenberg is a character that he’ll come face to face with earlier on.

Karl Heisenberg is another one of the four lords serving under Mother Miranda and is a rather playful, charming character when compared to the rest. You just.. don’t want to end up having to play his nasty games.


Salvatore Moreau and Moreau’s Reservoir

Salvatore Moreau is said to be inspired by gothic horror mermen, which makes sense as he lives in a reservoir and looks like a gothic swamp monster with humanoid features. No sugarcoating it, Moreau is the ugliest villain of the game (sorry, don’t come after me, I’m just stating facts).

Anyways, he’s usually sporting a long cloak to cover up his appearance and the picture above is not even his final form – he transforms further as you fight him in the game into a tentacled mutant of sorts. When you make your way to the reservoir by an abandoned fishing village, you’re entering his territory so beware!

Moreau is the outcast of the group, with low self-esteem and confidence – which is obvious from the beginning. He’s a desperate creature, the last of his family to please Mother Miranda as one of her lords of the village.


Donna Beneviento and House Beneviento

Another recluse of sorts, Donna Beneviento is a mutant human doll maker and as such, she only converses through her creepy doll Angie. Being the last of her family, she exclusively wears black mourning attire for her loss, including a black cloth to cover her face.

She was adopted by Mother Miranda and became one of the lords of the village. The first area that Ethan will end up in after the fight with Lady Dimitrescu would be House Beneviento in his quest to retrieve something important to the story. The house is located on the outskirts of the village.

All in all, she only says one dialogue throughout the whole game. Angie does all the talking for her, much like a medium. If you’re easily creeped out by cursed humanlike dolls, perhaps you’d want someone else to go through this part for you.


Mother Miranda

The head of it all, and the largest mystery of them all. Mother Miranda is a psychotic ‘witch’ that controls the four lords to do her bidding. She is worshipped by the whole village as a protective entity, the villagers even built her a shrine and dubbed her the Black God.

Interestingly, it is nothing mythical or magical that you will discover. Simply scientific experiments and research gone wrong with Miranda in the middle of it all as the main villain. She sacrificed the whole village in her experimentation in order to find a way to bring someone else back from the dead.

You might be wondering how she could come to have the four lords under her control, right? Well, it’s pretty simple. She posed as a prophetic healer, a false god, and got the village under her control by healing the people and giving them abilities through her experimentation. The four lords come from the ruling families of the region who are strong enough to develop promising abilities and aid her quest while controlling the village.


Sum Up

And there you have it! The baddies you will find and fight in Resident Evil Village. Though looks may be deceiving for some of them, don’t underestimate their strength and wit. These villains are tough, and you’ll find yourself on the ground before you know it. So make sure to plan ahead and figure out the best way to beat these baddies.

Most importantly, have fun! Take a breather where you can and don’t let the game overwhelm you. Anyways, do let us know in the comments below which villain is your favorite, that would be fun to know!