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Paldea’s New Starter Pokémons

Which starter Pokémon will you be choosing when you start your adventure? Sprigatito is a Grass cat Pokémon, Fuecoco is a Fire croc Pokémon and Quaxly a duckling Pokémon. We can’t wait to see their evolved forms!

New Legendary Pokémons

Koraidon and Miraidon will be joining your party and serve as an invaluable companion for your adventures. They can take you to the skies and run across the water and fields. It is said that they have powers that far surpass those of other Pokémon. We will need to wait for the release to see how powerful they are.

Paldea’s Girafarig will evolve into Farigiraf

Veteran players will know Girafarig could not be evolved in previous gen Pokémon games. It turns out the Head of its main body and the head on its tail combined! After evolving to Farigiraf, Farigiraf can learn Cud Chew and Armor Tail.

Greavard – The Adorable Ghost Dog

Isn’t Greavard just adorable? But make sure not to play with it too much, or it will follow you wherever you go. That may sound like a good thing, however, Greavard will slowly and inadvertently absorb the life-force of those around it, so it’s best not to play with it too much.

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