Microsoft Claims Sony Is The Reason Fortnite’s Cross-Play Not Happening

Fortnite is the latest title to provide cross-play between multiple platforms, similar to titles like Minecraft and Rocket League, however, it will not be linking players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 anytime soon.

In reality, it appears every platform except PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be linked, with Fortnite developer Epic revealing PlayStation 4, PC, Android, and iOS players are going to be able to play the shooter game together. Microsoft has made it clear that Sony is the main reason cross-play with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is not happening. One Twitter user posted a twit mentioning that he wanted cross-play system between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Spencer responded with a rather telling “Me 2”, before developer Epic added “We 3.”

Sony claims it is unwilling to take up that offer because of some responsibility to its own player base, implying the company must look after its own interest first and foremost. Last year September, Fortnite players on both platforms were temporarily able to play together when a configuration issue made cross-play involving Xbox One and PlayStation 4 possible.

The cross-play feature is obviously ready for Fortnite and Sony just needed to provide the greenlight to Epic and allowing them to connect both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 together.