Mint Prepaid Card – Safe, Global & Easy

Mint Prepaid Card can be used to purchase digital goods and services with more ease. It is risk-free, covered globally and easy to use. Start paying with ease using Mint Prepaid Card today.


Getting this prepaid card is an easy and risk free business for your online transactions.

Mint allows you to shop without disclosing any personal information, making transactions private and protected. You won’t have to worry about your online presence being compromised. Besides that, this prepaid card is also charge-back free, so there won’t be any hidden charges involved.

Covered Globally

The brand itself has a global presence and this prepaid card can also be used internationally. You can shop with this card from all sorts of online merchants available globally and not worry about the confusing currency exchanges. You can get this card online or through local sellers too if you’re out and about.

Mint prepaid is currently supported in over 180 countries, so if you’re thinking of sending a friend across the globe money, check out the Mint prepaid platform!

Easy Online Payments

All you have to do is make sure the online seller accepts Mint cards as a payment option and you can use it to do your shopping anywhere. From games and clothes to daily items and services, Mint can help you make your shopping and life significantly easier.

You can even use multiple cards at once to pay for your shopping if your card balance is not enough.


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Prepaid Card
Prepaid Card
Prepaid Card



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