Mir4丨Upcoming event ‘Castle Siege Eve’!

Event Period : May. 9th (Mon) 00:00 ~ May . 14th (Sat) 23:59


  • ‘Drum of Victory’ item can be gained through the hunting (Enable to acquire maximum of 100 pieces per day, initialize daily acquisition based on 00:00)
  • ※ However, if the character’s level and the monster’s level differ between 20 or more, you are not able to obtain “Drum of victory” item even if you hunted the monster.
  • ※ All of the Drum of Victory items will be deleted on Sunday 00:00 which is the D-day of the Castle Siege.
  • – You can cheer the side of which you wish to victory by using ‘Drum of Victory’ item within the event page(10 pieces of ‘Drum of Victory’ per 1 time of Cheer)
  • – ‘Cheer’ can be used 10 times per day and 60 times for maximum regardless of the side during the event period. The victorious side will get an additional buff of ‘Battlefield Drum’
  • ※ ‘Battlefield Drum’ will give All ATK DMG Boost 3% and All DMG Reduction 3%, effects will be applied only on the Castle Siege area.
  • – ‘Offense Kingdom Coffer’ will be given if you cheer for the Offensive Clan and ‘Defense Kingdom Coffer’ will be given if you cheer for the Defensive Clan. (1 item per 1 cheer)
  • ※ You are able to gain ‘Kingdom Codex Badge’ which can be registered in Codex with the certain chance.


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