MIR4: 1st Anniversary Event!

MIR4: 1st Anniversary Event!

The 1st Anniversary of MIR4 introduces many events for players to participate and earn Rewards!


Event 1 – Various Community Event

Source: MIR4 Official Site

There will be 3 parts of this Event.

1st part – Master of Customization

Participate between Aug 23, 2022 to Sep 18, 2022 to receive rewards.

Step to participate. First, you will have to choose one to customize. Second, customize your character from NPC Junghyang or create a new one. Third, submit an inquiry to MIR4 Customer Center including the screenshots mentioned above (Contact Us > Event > category ‘1st Anniversary’).

The Second part and Third part will soon be announced.


Event 2 – 1st Anniversary Check-in Event

Source: MIR4 Official Site

Log in daily from Aug 23, 2022 to Sep 19, 2022 to receive rewards.

You will be able to receive special 1st Anniversary items for the 14 Days by logging in.


Event 2.2 – Mir’s Rapid Growth Check-in

Source: MIR4 Official Site

Log in from Sep 6, 2022 to Sep 19, 2022 to receive rewards.

Receive daily special item rewards for 2 weeks during the event just by logging in.


Event 3 – Opportunity to increase your Power Score

Source: MIR4 Official Site

Participate from Aug 23, 2022 to Sep 19, 2022 to summon 1 of the Dragon Eye/Claw/Scale/Horn/Leather/Spirit Stone/Skill Tome with the downgraded item or that of the highest grade that you have failed on combining before.

You will receive 2 ‘Divine Dragon’s Blessing’ tickets if you participate in the ‘First Anniversary Celebration 14-Days Check-In’ event until the end (14 Days).


Event 3.2 – Mir’s Cintamani Stone Exchange Shop

Source: MIR4 Official Site

Participate between Aug 23, 2022 to Sep 5, 2022 to receive rewards.

Earn Gold Cintamani Stone item by hunting during the event periods. A total of 100 can be earned per day. Gold Cintamani Stone items can be exchanged with wanted items by visiting NPC Radiance Dragon Mir located in each village (Bicheon Castle/Snake Pit/Spiritual Center/Phantasia Desert).


Event 4 – Surprise Gifts and Discounts

Source: MIR4 Official Site

Event 4.1 – Return of Hoppy’s Surprise Gifts

Log in between Aug 26, 2022 to Aug 27, 2022 to claim all the rewards from the mail before it is gone.


Event 4.2 – Surprise Up & Down

Source: MIR4 Official Site

From Sep 6, 2022 to Sep 20, 2022 Products in Common Products will be discounted to 365 Copper and Mileage given per purchase will be doubled.


That’s all for the Event that has been announced.

Enjoy fellow Dragonians! Be sure to participate and not miss out!





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