Mirage: Perfect Skyline Christmas Limited Acc. Top-up

Limited Acc. Top-up

Duration: 0:00 – 23:59 December 19th, 2022 (UTC+8)

Event Info: Accumulate top-ups upon reaching a certain amount to unlock luxury rewards. Each character can only obtain rewards once, corresponding to the highest top-up amount achieved during the event.


  • Acc. 680 Jades:
    Lost in Blizzard – Halo*1, Treasure Opt.box*5, Jade Plume*3, Emerald Plume*3, Sycee*1000
  • Acc. 3280 Jades:
    Frame-Xmas*1, Bubble-Xmas*1, Treasure Opt.box*25,Orange Purify Amrita*2, 300 B.Jades, Sycee*2000
  • Acc. 6480 Jades:
    Winter Hymn – Outfit*1, Summon Order*2, Treasure Opt.box*25, Sword Anima of Dragon Slayer*3, Sword Anima of Seven Stars*3, Sycee*3000
  • Acc. 15000 Jades:
    Winter Hymn – Weapon*1, Hepto Hammer*1, Zenie Gem*2, Treasure Opt.box*30, Red Pet Egg*1, Diviryte*8, Sycee*4000
  • Acc. 30000 Jades:
    Crystalline Snow*1, Avatar-Legacy*1, Beast Quartz*1, Star Awakening Force*2, Opt. Red Orca Gear (5 choose 1)*1, Treasure Opt.box*30, Lucky Amulet*10, Sycee*5000


Mirage: Perfect Skyline








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