MLBB X Saint Seiya – Limited-Time Draw: New Collaboration Skins

MLBB X Saint Seiya Skins are now available!

Join the Saint Seiya gacha draw event for a chance to win exclusive collaboration skins — Badang “Pegasus Seiya”, Badang “Sagittarius Seiya”, Chou “Libra Shiryu”, and Valir “Leo Ikki”!

Enjoy a 50% discount on the first 10x Draw, and get guaranteed Badang’s “Pegasus Seiya”!

Enjoy daily first 1x Draw 50% OFF throughout the event!


Want more chances to draw? Make sure not to miss out on the following:

  • Complete “Seiya’s Training” event tasks from October 22 – November 6 to get 7 free draws!
  • Pre-register for the event between October 24-29 to get a free token!
  • Join the Premium Supply event and complete tasks from October 29-31 and November 19-21 to get more tokens!


Event Duration: October 24 – November 23

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Direct Topup)








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