Mobile Legend: Bang Bang – Hayabusa ‘s Epic Skin is HERE!

“He’s coming! The mysterious Shadow Walker is here! Participate in the Lucky Box Event and stand a chance to get the EPIC Skin. Fancy permanent skins await you!

1. Exclude 4 rewards that you don’t like, then you can start the Lucky Box event. It is guaranteed that you could get all the 10 rewards with 10 draws.

2. The first draw is free, after that the price of each draw will increase steadily.

3. Owned heroes if drawn will turn to Battle Points with a conversion rate. Owned skins will be converted to Skin Fragments.

4. If you get skins in the event but do not own the hero, you must buy the hero first to use the skin.


Selena New Skin | Double Identity
Get exclusive October ‘Starlight Skin’ for Selena. For the month of October, Selena – Double Identity will be the opening of October 2019. Be a Starlight Member of October and claim various rewards in the Land of Dawn!.


Join Mobile Legends: Bang Bang now !!!


Mobile Legend Bang Bang
(Android) (SEA)
Mobile Legend Bang Bang


For more information, please visit:
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Official Site.
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Facebook Page.


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  1. Miggyraymunfo October 29, 2019

    Give me epic skin please

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    Gusto kung epic skin hayabusa

  3. Christian March 30, 2020

    Epic skin hayabusa .ID 648095727 (10197)

  4. Mijar April 13, 2020

    Skin hayabusa

  5. Marlissa May 23, 2020

    I want hayabusa skin epic tooo

  6. ZawLinHtoo July 22, 2021

    Skin free

  7. Muhdhazim August 31, 2021

    I want skin epic hayabusa
    My id : 622574082

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