Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Meta Heroes Season 20



MOBAs are no stranger to constant updates and patches. Characters get nerfed or buffed in an attempt to balance the game so no one element in the game gives an unfair advantage to a player. With that being said, there’s never a perfect balance when it comes to MOBA. This also includes mobile MOBAs such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). 


Today, we’re going to talk about heroes that are the current meta in building up your hero lineup for the current Season 20. And, by the way, each hero also comes with their own set of skins that you could purchase in-game. With that said, OffGamers is currently selling Mobile Legends Diamonds for a discounted price! You can buy cheap Mobile Legends Diamonds here, and get new skins for your favourite heroes today! 


Chou – Fighter


Usually, with MOBAs, you get characters that use weapons and tools as an extension of their normal attacks. But it gets more exciting when your characters use their bare hands to land a solid punch when performing an attack. Chou is currently the most popular fighter class hero in MLBB. He’s usually used to control the fights and to chase fleeing opponents. 


Although Chou’s abilities are pretty straightforward and easy to understand, mastering and utilizing them in a team fight is something that is going to need a lot of patience and time. Chou is best utilized in and out of a situation, getting hits in and manoeuvring around the terrain to kite opponents to you with Shunpo. Chou is also a very fun hero to play with as you can land various types of combos, which could really disrupt the opponent’s lane. 


Jawhead – Tank, Fighter

How do you ensure that your opponent has a really bad time in the lane with you? Create chaos. And that’s what Jawhead is good at. From rocket barrages to throws, Jawhead is created to disrupt, reset, and gank enemy teams. Jawhead’s skill, Ejector, is probably one of the most annoying skills that have been conceived in MLBB. You could use the skill to stop opponents from fleeing, or even when they’re trying to get a buff. You could also assist allies by using your ultimate and charging an enemy, stunning them in the process, then throwing them back to your allies to finish them off.

Jawhead is effective as an initiator as his ultimate skill, Unstoppable Force, charges to one target and knocks back every other enemy around the target, which is quite frankly, disgusting. Tanky, reasonable damage output, and great skills. What more do you want?

Khufra – Tank

Don’t get fooled by Khufra’s character design. Although he looks scrawny, his ability to tank makes him an absolute brick wall that’s able to absorb anything your throw at him. And if you’re familiar with Khufra, you know the skills that he has are extremely OP. His first skill has an insane range, which well suits his role to be an initiator. Most people play Khufra as a roamer due to his first and second skills that close the gap and knock back the opponent, giving time for allies to position themselves to deliver the final blow.  


Khufra’s ultimate, Tyrant’s Rage consists of him displacing heroes in his ultimate radius and stunning them. I personally feel that this one skill alone could be the deciding factor in wiping out an entire team.


Claude – Marksman

There is a caveat with this hero. Perhaps not suitable for those of you who’ve just started playing this game. If fed properly, Claude can be a menace on the battlefield. Claude’s early game can be frustrating as he’s very weak and does not reach his full potential without his items. But that’s usually the case for heroes that scale well throughout the entirety of the game duration.  


His abilities are also scalable which will be terrifying in the late game. If used properly, Claude can be positioned behind enemies during a battle or a gank in order to secure a kill. He can also be used to deal damage in a team fight from the back, forcing enemies to break the initial cluster. A known combo used by professional players is the Battle Mirror Image which positions Claude behind enemies and unleashing his ultimate, Blazing Duet that deals a lot of damage. 


Mathilda – Support

A team is nothing without its support, and Mathilda is one of those terrifying supports that will keep her team alive while dishing out damage. Mathilda’s most prominent skill would be the Guiding Wind. When activated, allied heroes within the field of influence will receive 70% of Mathilda’s shield. They’ll also receive a bonus skill that allows them to blink to Mathilda’s position and both will be granted with 25% Movement Speed for 3 seconds.


This is an insane ability that has endless potential – from ganking tools to saving your carry. Mathilda’s Guiding Wind is an absolute annoyance when having to deal with it as her skills stem from her moving around. The more she moves, the harder she hits. Her passive charges up and she stacks more orbs as she moves with the activated skill.


Alice – Mage

And what list would this be without having mage class heroes? Alice, The Queen of Blood is an absolute monster when left unchecked. Her passive generates blood orbs that are dropped every time minions die. The more she collects, the more perks she receives. The first perk is a 10% cooldown reduction


With 50 blood orbs, she will permanently receive 40 Movement Speed. This is enough to free up a slot since you won’t be needing your boost item anymore. The max stack of blood orbs she could create is 200, and this gives her a beefy 2,000 HP


She would also be able to heal herself when Blood Ode is cast and she regenerates every time she hits a hero. Basically, she has insane healing abilities while maintaining gigantic damage output. Also her passive grants supplementing points for her base stats. 



And there you have it. The current meta heroes for Season 20. Sure, there will be a possibility that all these heroes will be banned every time you try to pick them, but once in a while, your opponents might be sloppy with their drafting. That’s your cue to decimate the playing field and break everything your opponent throws at you. Keep an eye out for new patches and updates to understand what’s being changed and whether these heroes will still be viable. 


And if you haven’t tried playing Mobile Legends, what are you doing? Download Mobile Legends today! Don’t forget to get discounted Mobile Legends Diamonds. If you enjoy more content like this, do let us know. And if you have your meta pick, don’t be shy and share your thoughts in the comments below!