Mobile RPG “Argent Twilight Rolls Out First Major Update

NEXON Korea Corp (CEO: Jung-Hun Lee) delivered the first update for their brand-new mobile character-collecting RPG, Argent Twilight: Secret of the Dark Orbs (referred to below as Argent Twilight), developed by Nexon Korea.

Five elemental versions of each of the heroes⁠—Isabel, Phantom, and Bombardier Captain⁠—have been added for a total of 15 new characters. Isabel (3★) is a police officer who is chasing after the Phantom and creates a target on her enemies to land more powerful attacks. Phantom (4★) is a trickster who specializes in creating opportunities by switching locations with and taunting enemies. Meanwhile, the owlfolk Bombardier Captain (3★) is the leader of a Sharp Shooter unit and synergizes with them very well. In addition, various rewards such as a 4-Star Guaranteed Summoning Ticket are now obtainable by fully clearing regions.

In addition, the newly revealed four side stories focus characters who have not appeared much, or at all, in the main story. The side stories include “Your Favorite Teddy” and “The Adventurers’ Guide” as well as “Phantom Hunt” and “The Moonlit Mirage” which feature the adventures of Isabel, Phantom, and Bombardier Captain. Note that side stories require the use of certain heroes and Auto-Battle is unavailable.

Additionally, the update also includes new town request stories such as “Cuteness is a Skill”, “Treasure Trove”, “The People’s Mayor 2”, and “On Phantom’s Trail”.

Also, various quality of life improvements have been made. New additions include an AI targeting system that helps decide the attack order in boss battles, a team presets that allows players build teams and quickly them to battle, and players can now mark the turn orders in advance during battle preparation.

Nexon also released a “Surprise Point Shop” Event in celebration of the first update. Event Points can be used to obtain various items such as “Isabel’s Soul Fragment” and “Golden Feathers,” which can be used to summon Isabel (3★). The point shop will be open until September 9th.

Details regarding Nexon’s first update for Argent Twilight can be viewed on the official homepage.



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