Mobius Final Fantasy International Version Is Coming to Steam

Square Enix’s mobile role-playing video game – ‘Mobius Final Fantasy’ is heading to the PC via Steam on February 6th, the publisher announced on their official blog site. The international version of Mobius Final Fantasy is playable at 60fps to 120fps and even supports 4k resolution.

[quote style=’1′ cite=” title=”]”We no longer needed to compress assets to shrink the data size like we do for mobile devices, so the 3D resources are much higher in resolution. Furthermore, we did not have to be conscious about saving power when considering frame rate, so players will be able to enjoy the game in extremely high quality in the realm of 60fps to 120fps. Another feature worth mentioning is that we will also support 4K resolution. Players will be able to enjoy a much richer experience that differs from mobile devices, something closer to a console experience.” said Naoki Hamaguchi, project leader of Mobius Final Fantasy[/quote]

Hamaguchi also added that players who usually access Mobius Final Fantasy from the mobile version, will have the option to transfer their game data to the PC version.

Mobius Final Fantasy

Mobius Final Fantasy will utilize game assets from Final Fantasy VII Remake through a collaborative effort that will include models of Cloud, and the Mako Reactor in the upcoming crossover event.

[quote style=’1′ cite=” title=”]”Players will join Cloud, who has gone astray in Palamecia, on his adventures and see how the story unfolds based on his decisions. Content-wise, Final Fantasy VII fans will surely become fraught with emotion as events unfold in-game.” said Hamaguchi.Quoted text here[/quote]

Late last year, the mobile game’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake collaboration was released for the Japanese version of the game. Here’s a peek at the special event trailer.

Mobius Final Fantasy is free to download for iOS and Android. Get two USD100 iTunes Gift Card for only $193.00 here.