Monster Hunter Rise is adding Sonic the Hedgehog into the game

Monster Hunter Rise is adding Sonic the Hedgehog later this month, or at least, some very accurate Sonic-themed costumes. The crossover event is for Sonic’s 30th birthday and will bring three new costumes into Rise when it arrives later this month.

Players will be able to use special layered armor to make their Monster Hunter Rise character look like Sonic, including a Sonic-themed hat and the iconic red shoes. More importantly, players can use the event armor on their Palico to turn them into an almost-perfect recreation of the hedgehog himself. With a Felvine Bulb, players can even turn their Palico into Super Sonic. Players will also get layered armor for their Palamute that makes it look, more or less, like Sonic’s best friend, Tails.

The Monster Hunter Rise and Sonic collaboration will also come with a few special events, like collecting rings scattered around the world, and running around to classic music from the Sonic series. The event will also include several small Sonic collectibles and figurines for players to earn and then use as decorations in their in-game house.

The Sonic and Tails-themed armor, and the rest of the crossover event, will arrive in Monster Hunter Rise on Nov. 26.



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