Monster Hunter Rise Releases New Story Trailer



During the Nintendo Direct presentation, a Monster Hunter Rise released a new story trailer which gave us a glimpse at some of the characters that will be present in the game, as well as a peek at some of the monsters we’ll be hunting. Take a look at it below:



The trailer showcases several different monsters like the Rakna-Kadaki and the Almudron. The Rakna-Kadaki covers its body in thread, masking its appendages in a white shroud. This thread is also used to hinder hunters’ movements, rooting them in place before Rakna-Kadaki spews a combustible gas from its maw. The Almudron covers its body in mud to deflect incoming attacks, and flings the sticky slurry at any approaching hunters to bog down their movements. The golden liquid it secretes from its tail dissolves sand and stone alike, allowing Almudron to stop prey in their tracks by creating an instant pit of sinking sand.

Hunters will also have to contend with a number of returning monsters while braving the Lava Caverns and Sandy Plains, including the “Queen of the Land” Rathian, territorial Diablos, easily enraged Rajang, the “Rock Wyvern” Basarios, and rapidly rotating Volvidon.

Monster Hunter Rise will stampede its way to Nintendo Switch this March 26th, 2021. Be sure to grab the game when it comes out with our Nintendo eShop gift cards below:

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