Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Demo is Coming on This Week

This week, Capcom is releasing a new demo for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Meanwhile, they also confirmed to launch Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak on June 30, 2022, for Steam and Nintendo Switch.

As Capcom organized a big showcase to reveal some exciting news for their fans such as Monster Hunter and Resident Evil. One of the major section from the showcase presented a more detail on the upcoming massive Sunbreak for Monster Hunter Rise, the latest mainline title in the action-RPG series. One of the news about Monster Hunter Rise is that there will be a free Sunbreak demo available on Switch and PC, this is to allow the fans to grab the chance of taking down the flagship monster for Sunbreak, along with some other scary creatures.

More, Capcom also confirmed through their official Twitter account for Monster Hunt when the demo is expected to go live on the digital storefronts. Here’s what you need to know about the Monster Hunt Rise: Sunbreak demo release time.



Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Release Time

The demo of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion will start to publish on the Nintendo Switch eShop and Steam globally on June 14 at 7 pm PT/ June 15 at 3 am BST. As for other major time zones, the dome will be live on June 14 at 8 pm MT,  9 PM CT, 10 PM ET, and June 15 at 12 PM JST.

What’s in the Sunbreak Demo

The players can hop into the demo to explore the whole new Jungle biome that comes from the second generation of Monster Hunter games to face off against Astalos, an electric Wyvern from Monster Hunter Generations. Here’s the listed points for things that is available in the demo.

  • You can try the new Switch Skill Swap system and new Silkbind moves
  • There’s a Great Izuchi quest for beginners
  • There’s an intermediate difficulty Tetranadon quest
  • The Astalos quest is expert difficulty
  • And then there’s the advanced Malzeno quest
  • There are also some basic training quests for players new to Monster Hunter Rise



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