Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: Event Quest Arrive

Monster Hunter Sunbreak: Event Quest Arrive!

The Master Rank Event Quest finally has arrived!

The Event Quest Objective is to hunt a Blood Orange Bishaten and an Aknosom to receive Gesture It’s Over and It’s Over Gesture as a reward.

Even though there is only 1 Event Quest right now, Capcom have revealed to us what kind of Event Quest will be coming out.

There will be a weekly Event Quest which means every week there will be a different Quest to do. Capcom introduced the Dual Threat difficulty Event Quest. It requires Hunters to hunt two monsters at the same time such as Hunting Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian.

We can expect that it will be similar to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Event Quest Muscle Monkey Madness where you have to hunt 2 Rajang at the same time in Arena. Many Hunters find this quest really fun and challenging. So Hunters who played Monster Hunter World: Iceborne can experience the same thing again!



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