Monster Strategy Game Age of Colossus Out Now on Android


Want a strategy game with a kick that’s larger than life? Mobile Game Age of Colossus is out now on Android devices. Check out a gameplay walkthrough by youtube channel KruGames below:



In Age of Colossus, play as Commander Brian, the last hope for humanity who must stop giant creatures. These monstrosities mutated due to reactive ores from the asteroid impact. Brian works with a giant mutated gorilla named Mike to stop the evil Shadow Corps who utilize the mutated animals to decimate the world’s governments.

Players choose from three classes to decide the strategies they play with. Along with Brian, the game has collectible heroes, each with their own capabilities. Gameplay includes breeding mutant animals, customizing unique bases, and creating state-of-the-art tanks, helicopters and other war machines to utilize in battle. For beating mutant animals in battle, players receive reactive ores that allow them to bread and train their own beasts. Subordinates can be sent out on explorations to find rewards, such as base buildings and decorations.

Age of Colossus is a strategy game out now on Android and iOS. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. Give the game a try now and enhance your experience with our Google Play gift cards below:

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