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Tabletop Gaming in Malaysia has been around but may have just been something that caters to a smaller niche, as compared to what we know about the scene in other parts of the world. However, Any Games Con 2023 has recently attempted to change that perspective. 

And change the perspective, they did. To us, at least.

Source: Any Games Con 2023

In what was touted as the largest tabletop gaming convention in the country, Any Games Con 2023 was held at Jaya Shopping Center, Petaling Jaya. The event alone covered 18.400 square feet of real estate, worthy enough of a place in the Malaysian Book of Records. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the Malaysian event scene. It shows a shift away from just cosplay events and towards other types of nerdy or geeky game events.

Here’s what we managed to capture with our experience over the weekend. 

Of course, tonnes of Tabletop Game booths.

Source: Any Games Con 2023

It wouldn’t be called a tabletop game event, if… there weren’t any booths related to it. It’s essential for attendees to have the opportunity to try out a variety of games. The ground floor of the mall at Any Games Con featured a play area where visitors could try out a range of games from both international markets and Malaysia. 

Additionally, you were also able to try out card games such as Magic: The Gathering and the new Grand Archive Trading Card Game. You also had the opportunity to purchase a variety of board games, whether new or second-hand.

Vendors & Merch markets

Source: Any Games Con 2023

During the event, there were various items available for sale that were related to tabletop gaming. These items included custom dice, mats, miniatures, and other accessories that can enhance the gaming experience at home with friends and family. What actually caught our eye was a silent auction of an exclusive table design specifically for tabletop gaming. 

We didn’t stay long to see who won it, though we do know that the proceeds went to a charity of the designer’s choice. 

Dungeons & Dragon Experience

Source: Any Games Con 2023

If you’ve watched the Dungeons & Dragons movie but felt too shy or introverted to try the game yourself, then the event had sessions all day long throughout the weekend. The Dungeons & Dragons sessions were set up to be quick and easy for attendees to sign up and play based on the timing they desired.

No need to go through the hassle of creating a character or reading manuals as the Dungeon Master and the session booth would have done it for you. 

This made us feel a little sad that you weren’t able to experience the joy of character creation in D&D, but it was understandable due to the time constraints that came along with running a taster session. Our biggest hope was that there would be meaningful conversions during the event. 

A showcase of local board game designers

Source: Any Games Con 2023

Moving on to one of the biggest highlights of the convention—at least in our opinion.

We were able to experience the authentic flavours of Malaysia by visiting the local game designer booths and exhibitors at the event. Attendees can playtest new and upcoming board games while chatting with the designers about their thought-process behind the game designs. 

One specific shoutout we had to make was to Alchymy Creative who showcased their latest, or upgrade, to their “HR the Toxic Workplace Game”. We had the opportunity to playtest a lot that was out there, but this was one of the games we felt relatable, and well as had loads of fun while we were trying out. 

Tournaments with lucrative prizes and an unsolved mystery

Source: Any Games Con 2023

If you were a trading card enthusiast, the event was also made exciting by a Magic: The Gathering tournament, which had a remarkable turnout of players vying for the grand prize of a brand-new PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and a lot of other prizes.

Alongside this tournament, Grand Archive TCG, War of the World tournament with Huawei Band 5 as one of the prizes was also held during the weekend.

One of the more interesting highlights of the event was the Unsolved Mystery of a missing girl in the shopping mall. Attendees were able to collect clues and attempt to solve the mystery. A detective board was also available on-site to provide references for those who needed assistance.

Visitors who solved the mystery received prizes to take home with them. We unfortunately couldn’t solve the mystery, but at least there were some who went home happy. 

Our hope for the upcoming convention

All in all, we had a blast during our weekend at Any Games Con 2023. There were moments captured, a showcase of what tabletop games could offer, and loads of intrigued faces. At the end of our time there, we left with the hope that this event, would be a catalyst for an evergreen hobby, albeit niche, to continue growing.

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Here’s what our camera captured through its lens, if you need visual proof of how much we enjoyed the event. Enjoy watching!

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