MotoGP 20 Offers Extreme Realism Gameplay Experience

MotoGP 20 is now available to provide players with cutting-edge gameplay, improved realism, and enhanced AI.

You can participate in the current MotoGP Championship, racing against MotoGP champions, or getting into the boots of a young rider, working your way up from the Moto3 to reach the top flight. Take control of every step of the race with the new Managerial Career that will put you into a pro riders’ boots.

motogp 20 rear

Feel the extreme realism in every brand-new feature such as fuel management, asymmetrical tires’ consumption and, last but not least, aerodynamic damages that will impact bike’s aesthetic and performances. Discover the new historical mode to collect the most iconic riders and bikes and live the best online experience thanks to the Dedicated Servers for an improved multiplayer mode.