Movies and Shows Which Can Also Be Great Games

Movies and Shows Which Can Also Be Great Games


We think we can safely assume that if one were to think of movies and shows, Netflix will automatically come to mind.

But what about gaming though? There have been reports circulating around the web that Netflix are making moves towards the gaming industry.

It is expected that early next year, Netflix will most likely include video games as part of their subscription service.

Although there has been no official announcement yet, we are still very eager to know what Netflix will bring to the table. If it is as successful as what they did with mainstream movies and TV shows, then no one could argue that this is a win for the video game industry.

So today, we will be taking a closer look at some of that untapped potential—movies that we think can potentially be great games as well!


Hotel Hell Netflix and Games


1. Hotel Hell


Those who religiously consume Gordon Ramsay’s content will most likely have heard of Hotel Hell. And to those that don’t, it follows the same concept of Hell’s Kitchen with a different setting.

What we suggest is something like PopCap Games’ Diner Dash. Time management games are always really addictive, like the long forgotten Facebook classic, Restaurant City, a game requiring players to perfect a hotel service with Ramsay screaming his iconic lines can be humorously fun!

It could be a hellishly beautiful mobile game that is aimed for all ages.


Pan's Labyrinth Netflix and Games


2. Pan’s Labyrinth


Pan’s Labyrinth is like the gritty older brother of the Narnia series. Directed by the auteur, Guillermo Del Toro himself, the movie was spectacular which we think also deserves a shot at the gaming limelight.

As the movie features dark and morbid elements, we think the game should be designed around an environment like American McGee’s Alice.

Without spoiling much, for a movie that was released back in 2006, the visuals were ahead of its time. The characters and creatures created were—at the time—peak CGI.

Hence, if we were to give it a shot with today’s graphic engine and hardware capabilities, we think Pan’s Labyrinth can be a great game with immersive visuals and gameplay.


Dunkirk Netflix and Games


3. Dunkirk


Suggesting a game out of Nolan’s filmography can be a serious hit or miss as most of his films are of such amazing quality.

However, if you have watched Dunkirk, you will understand that if the pressure and intensity of the movie were to be converted into a gaming perspective, the experience would be surreal.

The game can also be crafted like your typical ‘military’ genre like the Call of Duty and Battlefield games.

That said, as Dunkirk does have an amazing plot, a gaming approach of this cinematic masterpiece should not forsake its story and we want to see the characters from the movie return or star in the game.


Inception Netflix and Games


4. Inception


Yes, we are going for another Nolan classic. One of the reasons why we think Inception can be a great game is because the movie is pretty convoluted and experiencing it through a game can deconstruct the plot and story in a more interactive way.

An interesting fact is that there was actually a game centred around Interstellar released by Paramount Digital Entertainment which focuses on the “interstellar experience”, where the gameplay is basically allowing the players to customise their own solar system.

But if an Inception game were to be released, we want the developers to go far and beyond as Inception is such an enticing art piece.

It will actually be so interesting to see the creativity of the developers in framing and designing the dreams from the movie as well as how it would flesh out in an actual game!


Lupin Netflix and Games


5. Lupin


Arsene Lupin is one of the most famous figures in European literature and there were many shows and movies inspired by it—most recently being on one of Netflix’s originals.

This slippery thief can be a brilliant theft-like game with gameplay revolving around stealth and guile.

Gameplay from Persona 5 where the characters were attempting to steal the treasure from the antagonists’ hearts can be brought to a new Lupin game.

As Lupin has been a central figure of many thefts, we are eager to see how each of his attempted thefts could be translated into a game. Perhaps, different thefts will have a different gameplay approach and each setting can be uniquely designed just like Persona 5.


Kuroko Netflix and Games


5. Kuroko no Basuke


If someone were to raise an argument saying that sports anime should never see the light of gaming, you can present to them Captain Tsubasa: Rise of the New Champions.

Even just by watching the trailer or a few clips of the game’s gameplay, we can already palpably feel the hype of the sport and trust me, the Kuroko no Basuke anime is all about hype and intensity.

Adding to the fact that most basketball players from the anime have supernatural abilities that is almost absurd, making it into a game can be really entertaining!

Of course, there are a couple of Kuroko no Basuke games, but none of them really made use of today’s technology and the gameplay was rather questionable.

If it was designed how Captain Tsubasa: Rise of the New Champions was designed along with such a huge follower base from the anime, we are confident that the game will be an overall success.


Money Heist Netflix and Games


6. Money Heist


Similar to Kuroko no Basuke a ‘game’ if you could call it has been released for Money Heist but it was only released as additional content for the Rainbow Six Siege game.

Money Heist is such a huge gaming prospect where first the show is widely acclaimed and is filled with memorable characters and catchphrases, which can be exciting content to be added to a game.

Of course, the game will be somewhat similar to the likes of Payday and may seem a little bit formulaic. 

But a thing of note though is that heist-like games have very high replay value and making a potential Money Heist game with multiplayer support might actually be a hit at a bank for developers.

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