MU Legend Boosting Pack Sales

Dear Mutizens,

It is quite difficult some of the dungeons of late game of MU Legend. Thanks to that, many of you might have lost their entries. But, don’t be afraid. Now, for a few Redzen/Bound Redzen, you will be able to purchase extra keys. Remember that some of them are limited per day.

There are some special packages on sales with some useful items:

Boosting Pack Sales

Period: 2019.1.22 – 2019.2.11 23:59 UTC

Boosting Silver Package (500 Redzen/Bound Redzen)
Boosting Gold Package (1000 Redzen/Bound Redzen)

* Limit: 5 per character


Top up MU Legend now!





Dungeon Entry Keys Sales

Period: from 2019.1.22 permanently

Price: 50 Redzen/Bound Redzen for Invisibility Cloak, Infinite Key, Rift Key, Luery’s Key, Magic Gem Mine Map, Fabrice’s Compass, Pit of the Dead Key, Fire Demon Cave Key, Ice Demon Cave Key. Only 2 per character per day.

100 Redzen/Bound Redzen for Airship Defense Key, Dragon Knight’s Invitation, Targash’s Invitation, Invitation from Raging Test Subject. Only 1 per character per day.


For more information, please visit:
MU Legend Official Site.