MU Legend: Ice Festival Event

How to enter the event map

You can enter through the Ohrdor portal.

How to join the event

By killing the following bosses distributed on the map, you claim the dropped event-related materials and other rare rewards.

After claiming the materials, you can exchange items with NPCs in the event map.

You can claim daily rewards after exchanging for items.

During the event, you will get the number of dices that can be used online every day.

  • Get 1 for the first login
  • Get 1 for being 30 minutes online
  • Get 1 for being 60 minutes online
  • Get 1 for being 120 minutes online
  • Get 1 for being 180 minutes online


Consumes 1 dice, you will advance according to the numerical and claim the rewards which is displayed when you stop at the grid. After completing 1 turn, you will be able to obtain the total progress experience each time, and the treasure box rewards on the right side is based on your total exp. You may preview rewards inside by clicking click treasure box icon. Players can also use 50 Red Zen or Bind Red Zen to get additional dices after consuming the free dices per day, up to 5 in this way.


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