MU Online: Master & Mystery Event!

MU Online: Master & Mystery Event!

Timed +11 Bloodangel Weapon and Armor are available for 0 Wcoin. This is the best chance to get Mastery Weapons and Armors!

Let’s check out what the Master & Mystery Event brought to the game!


Event 1 – Best Chance for Best option

By using ‘Mysterious Stone’ during the event period, a chance for Luck & Best Options will increase!


Event 2 – Master Weapon % Armors for 0 Wcoin

Purchase Timed +11 Bloodangel Weapon and Armor for free!

Simply go to In-game shop Special Category to purchase.


Event 3 – Get Eternal Bloodangel Weapon & Armors

Depending on what options you acquire, Bloodangel Weapon and set will remain forever in your hands!


Event 4 – Mysterious Ranking Event

Rank 1 – 30 will receive rewards!

During the event period, if you use Mysterious Stone to either Mastery Weapon or one of your Mastery Set items, 10 Points per use will be accumulated.


Mystery Sale

Mysterious Stone will be on sale.


All of the Event period starts from Oct 11 – Nov 1, 2022.

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