凡在2020年9月14日至9月28日期间购买任何面额的MyCard,并点击这里填写参赛表格,既有机会赢取价值RM155.00的HELLO KITTY月饼!参加次数越多,中奖机会越大!



1. 点赞MyCard粉丝页和贴文。

2. 活动期间内购买和使用MyCard(包括MyCard专属卡)。

3. 填写活动表格。

4. 请以使用过的MyCard游戏卡参加,官方对于因参加而造成的卡密 泄漏意外恕不负责。每张MyCard只能参加一次。

5. 此活动只限马来西亚MyCard用户参与。

6. 得奖名单将在活动结束后3天内于官方粉丝页公布,敬请留意。

7. 注意!请勿向任何人曝光您的MyCard密码,以免遭受损失。



This Mid Autumn festival,we are proud to present to you ‘MyCard Mooncake Giveaway ’.

From 14th Sept to 28th Sept 2020, purchase any amount of MyCard and fill in the form HERE, you stand a chance to win the HELLO KITTY Mooncake worth of RM155.00! Buy more to increase the chances of winning.

MyCard wishes you Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

More details of the event:

1. Like the ‘MyCard fans page’ and the post.

2. Buy MyCard (including MyCard exclusive game card) and reload during the event period.

3. Fill in the entry form.

4. Make sure the MyCard you use to participate in this event is reloaded. We are not responsible for any losses.

due to the serial number or password revealed in the event.

5. Each MyCard can be used to participate in this event only ONCE.

6. This event open to all Malaysian Customers.

7. The list of the winners will be announced on MyCard Facebook within 3 days after the event ended, stay tuned!

8. Note: Please do not reveal your MyCard password to anyone at any time to avoid any losses.



MyCard Points


MyCard Facebook页面


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