Netflix Reveals Live-Action Yu Yu Hakusho’s Kurama

Netflix has announced its casting of Kurama in the upcoming live-action Yu Yu Hakusho series. The beloved fox demon will be played by a Japanese actor, named Jun Shison.

Kurama’s character is among the most popular and beloved among the fans in the original manga and anime, as he’s a fox demon. After being wounded, his spirit turns into a newborn human to recover and become fond of his human mother over time.

Kurama meets the protagonist, Yusuke when he steals a mirror that can fulfill his wishes with the intention of saving his ill mother. Then, he teams up with Yusuke to fight against his former comrade Hiei, and fights alongside Hiei in various arcs, which included the rescue of ice apparition Yukina and the Dark Tournament. Kurama has known for his ability which is transformed into his silver-haired fox demon form and the signature, Rose Whip attack.


Netflix first announced its live-action adaptation of the popular manga late last year alongside a number of other anime investments. Yu Yu Hakusho currently isn’t slated for release until December 2023,  but the original anime is still available on the streaming service to tide us over until then.




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