Never After Introduces Marriage In New Wedding Update


Wedding bells are ringing the realms of fantasy, as the latest update for NeverAfter is introducing the ability for players to marry each other.

Once the Couple System Update for NeverAfter goes live, two player characters will be able to get married. In order to qualify, the players both need to be level 40 or above and have at least 520 Friendship with each other. In order to initiate the wedding, one player needs to purchase a True Love Silver Ring from the Shop, which is consumed during the proposal. The person who wishes to propose must form a team with their betrothed and be acting as the team leader, in order to be able to speak to Cupid and offer the proposal. If the other player accepts, then the proposal succeeds, and the wedding is on.

If the happy NeverAfter couple is ready to proceed, then the players can choose to reserve a wedding slot with Cupid. Once the time arrives, the couple will be teleported to the Rose Garden for the ceremony. The couple need not be alone together, as players can send invites to friends and clan members, who can also attend the wedding as guests. Outside of the waiting time, the whole ceremony should take between 5 and 15 minutes. Players can choose between the Luxury Wedding and Extravagant Wedding ceremonies, with the Luxury Wedding involving a float parade for the newlyweds.

The arrival of the Couple System Update also brings new cosmetic items to NeverAfter, some of which will only be available for a limited time. The Costume-White Orchid’s Paean and Costume-Rose’s Paean can be obtained by combining Shards or by purchasing them in limited-time packs, allowing couples to truly look the part. There is also the Lover Shop, where players can purchase the Innocent Love and Awakening of Love Weapon Ornaments, the Back-Seeking Wings series, the Mount-Tour of Day Tide, and the Mount-Tour of Night Tide.

There are many fairy tales that end with a wedding, which is often followed by a “happily ever after”, yet NeverAfter is set in a world that goes beyond the classic stories we all heard as children. In NeverAfter, weddings can now be the beginning of the story, with a couple going on adventures together in the dark fantasy realm. The time has come to forget about cold feet, get down on one knee, and start an all new kind of adventure in NeverAfter.



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