New Frogger Game Announced for Apple Arcade


Apple Arcade reveals Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins, an isometric adventure game starring the iconic frog delving into ruins in search of treasure.

Out of the many gaming franchises born in the arcades of the 1980s, few titles became as iconic in gaming’s early days as Konami’s Frogger. The classic game tasking players with navigating the titular frog across busy highways and through treacherous swamps quickly became one of the most well-known arcade games in the world. The game has seen plenty of different iterations throughout the years with Frogger appearing on most major consoles, most recently in 2019’s Apple Arcade-exclusive Frogger in Toy Town. Now, Apple has revealed the popular frog will be receiving another new Apple Arcade game.

Frogger in Toy Town saw the franchise take a new approach to its classic gameplay with a structure optimized for mobile devices. Players could tap and swipe across the screen to move Frogger throughout a variety of top-down 3D levels inspired by children’s toys. Frogger even saw its simple premise transformed into a game show by NBC with contestants navigating Frogger-inspired obstacle courses. Frogger’s newest adventure will come as a follow-up to Frogger in Toy Town, with Apple Arcade officially revealing Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins.



Apple Arcade officially revealed the Konami-developed Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins on Tuesday, with Frogger delving into ancient ruins and hunting for treasure. Screenshots from the game’s App Store page give a glimpse into its gameplay featuring an isometric perspective and potentially revamped controls with one image showing what could be tilt-based mechanics. The description advertises Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins as having “more than 100 stages” and teasing boss battles later in the game.

A new Frogger game releasing on Apple Arcade comes as Konami has brought several of its most popular franchises to mobile devices. Last year saw Konami bring back the canceled Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls as an Apple Arcade exclusive. The developer has also seen success in recent months with the massive success of Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel as a mobile version of the popular card game. Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins will mark the newest adventure of a long and storied history for gaming’s most iconic amphibian.

Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins is scheduled to release in June 2022 for iOS.




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