New Game is Added on Xbox Game Pass!

Xbox Game Pass adds a total of four games to the service today, including three games of a trilogy and a completely separate title.

The Shadowrun Trilogy releases on all major platforms today, with it coming as a day one release on Game Pass for PC and Xbox. Because it is a trilogy, that means fans are technically getting three day one games today. Shadowrun is a unique tactical RPG series, set in a dystopian cyberpunk universe where magic has returned. In short, it’s a little bit of Cyberpunk mixed with high fantasy, creating a unique tone that meshes well.

The three games that are part of this include Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun Dragonfall – Director’s Cut, and Shadowrun Hong Kong – Extended Edition. The first game is set in Seattle as players hunt a mysterious killer from its slums to its megacorps. The second one explores the mystery of Dragonfall, where German soldiers defeated a powerful dragon (taking four months to do so), but it seems that the dragon may not be gone. The final one drags players into a world of “conspiracy, corporate greed, Triads, social segregation, and gang wars” as the police hunt the player.

PC Game Pass is also adding Total War: Three Kingdoms on June 21, a tactical empire-building game set in ancient China. Total War: Three Kingdoms features a strong, interesting, turn-based campaign with a focus on empire, statecraft, and conquest. Combined with Shadowrun Trilogy, fans are getting tactical games set in the past and future.

Luckily, of course, if someone is uninterested in Shadowrun Trilogy or Total War: Three Kingdoms for any reason whatsoever, there is still plenty on and coming to the service. Xbox Game Pass will add two games on June 23 – FIFA 22 and Naraka Bladepoint, with more coming later this month and in July.



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