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The developers of Genshin Impact has announced that they will be added a new permanent game mode into the game – Genius Invokation. The new addition is expected to happen on the upcoming 3.3 version update on 10 December.

Once you get your hands on your Genius Invokation deck, you get to challenge other in-game characters at the Puspa Café in Sumeru City. If you paid close attention, the game is already played by the people of Sumeru and more famously Cyno, who is a big fan. The big question remains as to how do we actually play the game? What are the rules? Sadly, we can only make guesses at this point as we wait for more details.

It can be said that the Genius Invokation won’t stray too far from Genshin Impact’s current battle system. It’s also very similar to the Pokemon TCG in that you have active party members and benched reserves, but you don’t need energy cards to attack. We first saw it in action during the 3.1 Special Program.

Two players have opposing Genius Invokation decks that they can use to fight against their opponent. Your goal is to have your party of three heroes defeat the opposing side of three characters. Players can switch party members with allies to become active during your turn or attack the opponent’s active character.

Turns happen with priority switching after each action. At the start of each round, players will roll eight Elemental Dice, of which they can choose any number to reroll once. These dice use the Genshin Impact elements, and an additional Omni element, which players can use to pay for any element cost.

Players will use elements to pay for skills during the Action Phase. This is how your active character attacks your opponent’s currently active character. In addition, you can spend a dice showing any element to change your currently active character. The other actions that require specific element dice to pay for them are:

  • Equipment cards – can strengthen specific characters.
  • Support cards – provides continuous buffs to characters.
  • Event cards – provides one-time effects when played.

Players can also perform an Elemental Sync during the action phase. For each discarded card, they can change the elemental type of a rolled dice to that of the currently active character.

After completing all the actions in the round, players can declare the Round’s End. The player who does this first will be the first player to act in the next round. Once both players declare the end of the turn, both players draw two cards to signal the start of a new round.

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