New Gameplay Footage Shows Pokemon GO In Action

Leaked gameplay footage of Pokémon GO beta has surfaced online thanks to YouTuber Game Previews. The 8-minute clip gave us a great look at the gameplay mechanics for the upcoming mobile game by Nintendo.

Features such as customization, travel systems, team battles, and how augmented reality works in Pokémon GO were shown off in the clip below.

Given that Pokémon GO is still in beta testing, odds are that the features shown in the footage are not finalized. Nevertheless, if the addictive gameplay of the Pokémon series is able to translate onto mobile devices, this could be the hit that Nintendo needs to break into the mobile gaming market.

At the moment, there are no official dates announced for Pokémon GO’s release. Once it’s officially released, you can download Pokémon GO on iOS and Android devices.

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Source: Game Previews (YouTube)

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