New Games Releases and Fans Having The Power To Decide

New Assassin’s Creed type RPG Game?!

New Assassin Creed
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Ecumene Aztec is an upcoming first-person survival-action RPG developed by Giantscraft, slated for release on PC in 2025. Inspired by RPG-style Assassin’s Creed games, it plunges players into the role of an Aztec warrior in a Mesoamerican city, defending against Spanish inquisitors through a combination of intense combat and stealth tactics.

New Assassin Creed 2
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The game boasts a compelling blend of features, including a captivating narrative, RPG progression with a unique twist involving blood sacrifices, gritty combat, stealth gameplay, and crafting mechanics. Three distinct warrior classes, namely Jaguar Warrior, Eagle Warrior, and Snake Warrior, offer players diverse abilities and characteristics to shape their playstyle.

New Assassin Creed 3
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With open levels that encourage exploration and verticality, players must navigate environments by climbing and scaling structures, providing an experience reminiscent of the Assassin’s Creed series. Additionally, Ecumene Aztec introduces an intriguing skill unlock system, wherein players must partake in rituals that involve sacrificing individuals to acquire new abilities, offering a fresh and thought-provoking approach to character progression.

While specific details about the storyline are scarce at this early stage of development, Giantscraft’s ambitious undertaking in delving into the realm of ancient Aztec civilization sets Ecumene Aztec apart, piquing the curiosity of players eager for an immersive and morally ambiguous gaming experience.

CSGO Map Gets Blocked By Valve

CSGO map blocked by valve
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The CSGO map de_voyna, which aimed to provide uncensored information about the invasion of Ukraine to Russian players, is no longer accessible to anyone with a Russian IP address. It seems that Valve, the game’s developer, has implemented a block specifically targeting Russian players. This means that Russia will be deprived of access to the truth, contradicting the map’s original purpose.

CSGO map blocked by valve 2
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Helsingin Sanomat, the Finnish newspaper that created the map, believes that Valve’s involvement in blocking access to the map is evident. They argue that it would be difficult for censorship to accurately target a single custom map, suggesting that Valve is responsible for the blockage.

csgo map blocked by valve 3
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The situation is frustrating because the map was designed to circumvent news censorship and provide unfiltered information about the war in Ukraine to Russian CSGO players. The actions of Valve in this regard have raised questions about their role and motivations in limiting access to important content.

Is Capcom giving decisions to fans?!

capcom decisions to fans
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Capcom recently conducted a Resident Evil brand survey that deviates from the typical format. Instead of providing predefined options, they allowed fans to suggest what they would like to see remade. Among the various opinions, there is a notable group of fans advocating for a remake of Resident Evil: Code Veronica for the next generation of consoles.

capcom decision to fans
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Resident Evil: Code Veronica was originally a side-game developed for the Sega Dreamcast. Despite receiving some console updates and remasters, it has yet to receive a full remake or a PC port, that’s why it has managed to capture the hearts of many fans, who are now eagerly requesting a remake for modern platforms.

This survey provides an opportunity for fans to voice their desire and potentially influence Capcom’s future projects. By allowing fans to express their preferences, Capcom can gather valuable feedback and gauge the interest in various remakes or reboots within the Resident Evil franchise.

To know more, watch the full video here!

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