New God of War Gameplay Trailer For PlayStation 4

God of War is a few weeks away, and a new footage has been released showing a boss fight pitting Kratos against a troll, and also the exploration side of the game. Check out the trailer below:

The game is not an open-world, and a non-linear adventure either. Players can choose to take another route to explore a place off the given path, which leads the protagonist into a number of environmental storytelling.

Chest seems to be aplenty and some of them requires a little puzzle solving before you can unlock them. The one revealed had three runes that you needed to find in the surroundings before the chest lock is removed. This also plays into the loot system, and the various rarities attached to in-game items.

The hack and slash game will contain four difficulty settings, and will provide a performance mode for players on PlayStation 4 Pro. God of War for the PlayStation 4 version is scheduled for a release on April 20.