New Hero – Luna arrives in Honor of Kings

New Hero - Luna arrives in Honor of Kings

New Hero – Luna arrives in Honor of Kings

The legendary warrior Luna has now arrived in Honor of Kings in the latest update. She works best in the mid-lane or jungle as she is a mage assassin, and she can move to assist other lanes to finish off the enemies easily.

Her skills include Lunar Slash and Scorching Glow which can deal a good amount of damage to the enemies if built correctly and marking them as Moonlit. Her passive skill will also serve you well on the battlefield as her first basic attack on a new target will make her dash into the enemy; Luna’s third basic attack will cause an additional magic damage and mark the enemy as Moonlit. To finish it off, activate her Ultimate – Crescent Assault, and she will dash towards her target if Luna hits a marked enemy, the cooldown of Crescent Assault will be refreshed.

This update is an exciting one, not only there’s the New Hero – Luna, but also we’re also getting some limited-time skins.

New mecha skins for Wukong and Lu Bu will be available in this update. This is a good time to get some fashion items for your heroes, and it’s always a good time to recharge some Honor of Kings tokens. We have special prices for selected token values to ensure you get the most of your money’s worth. Get yours now on OffGamers from as low as USD0.99.

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