New Phasmophobia ghosts are just in time for Halloween

Ghosts are very scary, and this is why Phasmophobia is an exciting game. Players take the role of amateur ghost hunters, plumbing the depths of suburban homes and abandoned high schools in search of specters. It looks like a new kind of ghoul is coming to the game, according to a post on Kinetic Games’ social media.

The teaser image shows two new ghost types, although their names and the specifics are blurred out. This brings the total number of ghosts in the game to 18. Previous updates have included new types like the Yokai and the Hantu, who hail from different regions around the world


These two new mysterious ghost friends appear to be part of the Halloween Update, which is currently listed as “In Progress” on the developer’s public Trello board. In addition, there is an upcoming Nightmare Difficulty option for particularly hardy hunters, some features that are simply marked as REDACTED, and more.

More details about Phasmophobia’s next update will be released closer to Halloween, but it looks like it’ll be a great time to pick the flashlight back up and explore what the early access title has to offer. Since launch, Kinetic Games has continued to add features to the game that help make it a mainstay on Twitch, with features like new ghosts and levels, or the ability to scare your friends by throwing things at them as a ghost after you’ve died.

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