New trailer – DokeV from Pearl Abyss

A couple of days back, developer Pearl Abyss revealed a new trailer for its upcoming PC and console adventure RPG, DokeV. Today, the development team talked to a few media outlets in South Korea, and we managed to find out more details about this colorful new project. It seems that DokeV is still some time away though. Below are some of the summarized details. Read on to find out more!

Pearl Abyss has yet to confirm that there will be cross-platform between PC and console for DokeV. A decision will be made later. While not truly visually visible, DokeV is developed using the latest in-house game engine which makes the overall processing much more efficient and faster compared to the past.

The team has yet to confirm how many players will be in each multi-player mode. DokeV did indeed started out as a MMO, but became an open-world action-adventure game through the development process. DokeV is developed to cater gamers of all ages, there is no specific age group in mind. Dokebi, the so-called monsters in the game, each has different stories and difficulty in catching them.

A scene in the trailers released so far show Dokebi being sucked by a “vacuum cleaner.” Rather than catching them, it is actually to save them. More details on this will be explained later. It is important to note that Dokebi are created via people’s dreams, and is born when unfulfilled desires or thoughts manifest in reality. The story of DokeV takes place in the near future where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is well-developed. A company called… Company produces android robots to help the general public in daily chores and tasks. However, Company is actually the villain organization as they use Dokebi to make the AI chips of these robots. The main characters got to know about this, and set off on an adventure to free the Dokebi from Company and fighting alongside them.

Dokebi is usually AI-controlled during battles other when using a special move with the human characters. Players can swap out Dokebi during battles to gain an advantage according to the enemies. The team is exploring the options of adding quick-time events or puzzles during boss fights. The intention of flight and gliding in DokeV is to be used during battles, or used for moving and solving puzzles. This will allow players to move differently than to just walk and run in the game.

The current game world consists of 2 towns, and the area we see in the latest trailer is about 1/10 of the whole world. DokeV is still in active development, hence there is no launch schedule available. There is no mobile version as the focus is solely on PC and console.

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