NEW VERSION Bullet Angel S12 is Launching!

Bullet Angel S12 will be officially launched on Aug. 18th!

Let’s take a look at the core highlights this season.

(Gold Weapon) M82A1 – Ocean

The Ocean program has launched, the golden weapon, M821A1-Ocean will be launched soon!

As deep as the sea, as powerful as giant whale, M821A1-Ocean is Bullet Angel’s first gold-quality sniper weapon skin, not to be missed!

(Angel Pass S12) Explore Universe

Level up in battle pass, unlock exclusive suit, diamond lucky draw coupons! Unstoppable fighting, unlimited rewards!


(Ladder Race S12) Steam Era

Level up in ladder race, get a lot of coins, weapon experience cards, surprise gifts, and avatar frames! You can also get ladder race coins to redeem permanent Ladder Race suit! Don’t miss the chance!


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Bullet Angel Event Site

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