Nigate Tale is now on SALE!

Nigate Tale is now on SALE!

The offer ends on 9 July 2021

Fight your way through a procedurally generated labyrinthic castle in this rogue-like dungeon crawler,
set in a vibrant and colourful anime world.

You’re lost in a spiritual realm, but powerful monster girls will help you get back home with new powers
and weapons if you bring them the right presents!


Nigate Tale (异界之上) 特别促销!

优惠截止日期为 2021 年 7 月 9 日

战斗! 在一个充满活力和丰富多彩的动漫世界, 你迷失在精神领域.
如果你给他们带来合适的礼物, 强大的怪物女孩会帮助你带着新的力量和武器回家.




Nigate Tale
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