Nintendo And Microsoft’s New Minecraft Ad Aims At Stubborn Sony

Nintendo Switch’s latest commercial was a huge step and totally unexpected in video gaming history, where a company is promoting a competitor’s game console on their official channel.

The commercial is clearly taking jabs at Sony for not letting cross-platform play and the ads shows two players are having fun playing Minecraft using the Xbox and Nintendo Switch. To be able to see the Xbox and Switch logos together in one advertisement, released on Nintendo’s official Youtube channel, is almost unbelievable.

crossplay minecraft

Sony is pretty adamant about not permitting cross-platform play, and their answer to the Fortnite’s situation was a total tragedy, and this Minecraft commercial demonstrates just how Nintendo and Microsoft cross-platform play is a great thing for the video gaming community.


Developer of Rocket League, Psyonix, said their game is cross-play ready and Sony just won’t allow them to activate the crossplay feature. Minecraft team have even stated before on their desire about delivering cross-platform play to the PlayStation 4, and right now, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players can join the iOS, Android and even PC players to play Minecraft together in this enhanced version of ‘Better Together’ update.