Nintendo Indie World: Top Announcements

Get to know what indie games are coming to Nintendo Switch as Nintendo is finishing off the year with Indie World Showcase announcing many amazing indie games.


Afterlove EP

Developed by Pikselnesia (creative director of What Comes After and Coffee Talk), dive into a a story of love, music and friendship set in Jakarta, Indonesia. Complete an EP of music with a young musician Rama, who struggles to compose music after his girlfriend Cinta passes away. See different endings as you make choices in this narrative adventure.


Aliisha – The Oblivion of Twin Goddesses

Developed by UNDERSCORE, you will follow the twin sister in a journey deep into a temple by working together in exchanging clues and operating devices. Solve the puzzles along the way, be aware of monsters and traps as each decision will lead to a different ending.


Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Developed by Team Chicory, you will explore a coloring book world and draw anything or be anyone here. Chicory disappearance brought all the colors with her as it’s up to you to find the colors back. Hold on to the Brush, explore new places, solve puzzles, help your friends and save the world.


Don’t Starve Together

Developed by Klei Entertainment, fight, farm, build and explore together in the wild, players have to work together to unravel the mysteries of “The Constant.” The game is free to play from December 15 to December 21 and the save will be carried over to the full game after purchase, so give it a try.


Dungeon Munchies

Developed by maJAJa, you will hunt down monsters to cook and eat them, with the help of the undead Necro-Chef, Simmer. Mix the right ingredient and create around 100 dishes each with different effects and continue your hunt in this 2D side-scrolling action platformer.


Endling – Extinction is Forever

Developed by Herobeat Studios, you are a mother fox of three cubs. You must protect them by avoiding humanity and escape the collapsing environment. Seek a safe place on Earth where no one will hurt your cubs. Stealth around the area, survive hunger by hunting, explore the world and find a place called home.


Figment 2: Creed Valley

Developed by Bedtime Digital Games, you will be placed inside a human mind filled with musical puzzles. Step on to a rhythmic adventure, stop the nightmares from spreading and face off against musically menacing bosses. A free demo version is available in Nintendo eShop for you to try out before it’s February release.


Let’s Play! Oink Games

Developed by Oink Games, this is a collection of board games developed by them. From an investor-based game Startups to a treasure hunting game Deep Sea Adventure, Let’s Play! Oink Games got you all covered. The game is already available in Nintendo eShop so try it out now!


Loco Motive

Developed by Robust Games, you need to solve the mystery set on the Royce Express as a lawyer, a detective and an undercover agent at different points of the story. Uncover the truth behind the death of Lady Unterwald and prove your innocence at the same time in this point-and-click adventure game coming next summer.


OlliOlli World

Developed by Roll7, you will skate through a delightful and weird world with tricky environments. Take on missions, quests, challenges. Make new friends along the way while skating towards Gnarvana in the world of Radlandia. Rolling onto Nintendo Switch on February 8, 2022.



Developed by OMOCAT, LLC. you will travel between two strange world meeting friends and foes. In this emotional RPG, you will have to uncover a forgotten past. The critically acclaimed OMORI will be launching on Nintendo Switch in spring 2022.


River City Girls 2

Developed by WayForward, the sequel to River City Girls now features more characters with new fighting locations, items and skills. Get your punches ready and fight through bigger troubles in River City, coming to Nintendo Switch in summer 2022.


Sea of Stars

Developed by Sabotage Studio, the prequel to The Messenger, this classic turn-based rpg will tell the story of a Lunar Monk and a Solar Blade Dancer. Watch them work together in a moving story filled with twists and turns. With music composed by Yasunori Mitsuda (composer of Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2), Sea of Stars is coming to Nintendo Switch in holiday 2022.



Developed by Urnique Studio, control every second of time like a media player in this stealth puzzle adventure game. Use your power to see through future events and plant strategically to escape your enemies sneakily by manipulating time. Take control of a little girl and a mysterious cat and start your journey with the full game today!


You can watch the reply of Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase above. If any of these marvelous indie games catches your eyes, be sure to wishlist them on Switch so you can play it the moment it releases! Few of the titles mentioned have already made their way to Nintendo eShop, so make sure to give it a try too!




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