Nintendo Labo Announced For The Switch

Nintendo revealed today the Nintendo Labo, that involve DIY custom-made cardboard projects which change the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers into a piano, to a motorbike, a robot, fishing rod and more. Once the accessories are assembled, they can be used to control the mini-games loaded onto a Switch cartridge, that are included when buying a kit.

These kits are known as Toy-Cons, and these cardboards includes an assortment of materials which range from rubber bands to strings, all of which can be used to make cardboard accessories which vary in difficulties based on what’s being built.

The major focus appears to be placed on discovery, as the promotional video encourages kids to lean more about the mechanisms behind each Toy-Con and think of new ways to utilize the creations that they construct.

Nintendo Labo will cost $69.99 and is set to launch for the Switch on April 20, 2018.